Your vision is priceless. We make correcting it very affordable.

Could you ever put a price on the importance of your vision? Of course not, that’s why we consider any vision correction procedure a smart investment offering you a great return. In addition to eliminating the hassles of corrective eyewear, you can enjoy significant savings on dollars you were spending for contact solutions and new prescriptions. Auburn LASISK offers affordable Z-LASIK and many other vision correction procedures, all personally performed by Dr. Joseph Ceravolo, one of Georgia’s most experienced, board-certified surgeons.

At Auburn LASIK, the costs associated with your vision correction procedure vary according to the specific procedure Dr. Ceravolo and you decide is the right solution for your individual vision needs. We will determine the complete costs associated with your procedure at your first diagnosis appointment when comprehensive testing is conducted. The goal of course, is to help you live your life complete with amazing vision—20/20 or better for the majority of cases—today and for many years to come.

At Auburn LASIK, the vast majority of our patients elect to finance their procedure…and why not? Our center offers a variety of very affordable financing options including up to 24 months with ZERO INTEREST. We also offer extended payment plans for as long as 24 months. The fixed interest rate is set depending on your individual credit standing. Our team will work with you and for you to help you obtain the most attractive plan that compliments your budget. Of course you may elect to use a major credit card to earn you valuable reward points. We gladly accept medical spending accounts and Flex Plans. We are very pleased to offer these financing plans to our valued patients.

       Financing Available with Care Credit

Financing with Care Credit

Auburn LASIK Gladly Accepts Your Health & Flex Savings Account

Z-LASIK is an approved procedure for use with Health Savings Accounts or Flex Spending Accounts. If appropriate funds are allocated to your Flex or Medical Spending account, you can use tax-free dollars to pay for your LASIK surgery. This can be a substantial savings.

In certain cases, the money can only be put into the account at specific times of the year, so it is important you check with your employer as to your company’s rules. The allocated funds often have to be used by a certain time period or you loose the benefit. Although the money may be invested this year, many plans allow for the surgery to be done well into the following year. Whether you choose one of our zero percent financing plans or elect to use your flex spending account, with some early planning you can save lots of money!