This is My Year!

Since I was 8-years-old, I have had to wear thick “bottle” glasses, and hated every second of it. I always wanted to do something about changing that, but I was focused on my family and kids, and would never spend money on myself. I had glasses that were literally super-glued together. It was pitiful. I finally thought, “This is stupid. This is MY year!”

Lucia with glasses before my Z-LASIK

So, I called North Columbus Eye Center and scheduled my free screening. From the first time I called, they were all super nice AND professional.
I had my free consultation and was thoroughly educated on the procedure. When I found out I was a candidate for Z-LASIK, I was excited to schedule my procedure. They even had financing available to make sure the procedure fit my budget.

The Big Day

I was nervous the morning as I awoke and headed into the office for my Z-LASIK, but all of the staff were so very calming. I saw patients come out from just having completed their procedures, and they were all beaming with giant smiles. Seeing this put me even more at ease.

Dr. C called me back, and to be honest, my drive to their office took longer than the actual Z-LASIK procedure itself! It was super-easy and comfortable. During the procedure, Dr. C was so soothing, telling me, “You are doing great. Almost done.” And then it was finished in a matter of minutes!

My results were instantaneous. As I sat up, I could SEE. Everything was so clear. I was so happy I started crying, and Brandi gave me hug and said, “You’re ready to see the world now.” The next day I had my follow-up appointment and I now have 20/15 vision. It is AMAZING!!!

What is the BEST thing about my Z-LASIK procedure?

Enjoying life without glasses. I no longer have to wear those ugly, thick glasses. I love being able to go for run a without having my glasses constantly slipping down my nose.

My family loves going to costume conventions like DragonCon. Before Z-LASIK, I would be wearing an awesome costume but had to have my glasses to see. It really ruined the effect and diminished the fun. NOW I have said GOODBYE to my glasses, and I love it!

The North Columbus Eye Center staff was extremely professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable throughout my experience and would HIGHLY recommend them to my friends and family. Don’t wait. Let this year be YOUR year.